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FCUK project
Enticing sub-title here.
Marketing project - directive was to create three print ads to introduce French Connection's FCUK brand to the fashionable teen market in the US. The new FCUK identity is fun and interactive, featuringgames telling you what your clothing choices are really saying about you. What it tells you will always be somethingcheeky and not necessarily what you’d expect.
Three print ads were designed to run in teen magazines featuring games which will engage and amuse. The first game shown has highest level of interaction, requiring someone to cut out and follow folding instructions, and the spinner game features the lowest level of interaction.

The look is hand-done, as these types of games mightlook if drawn on spare paper during class, or at a sleepover. They will bringback memories of simpler times for mature fashionista, and will be particularlyrelevant for younger girls who can tear out the ads and enjoy them with friends.