Faz-faz, Imaginary Toys

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  • I asked my mother what toys she used to play as a child. Her answer:
    "Oh child, at that time we played with anything."
  • Left: Uncles; Right: Mother and grandpas
  • [EN]
    Faz-faz, Imaginary Toys. Allows children build his own toy.
    Reusing empty containers and turning them into the toy that every child idealize.
    The imagination is stimulated at the same time you promote an environmentally sustainable behavior.

    Do toys. Do recycling. Do drawings. Do it again!
  • [PT]
    Faz-faz, Brinquedos Imaginários. Permite aos mais pequenos construirem o seu próprio brinquedo. 
    Reaproveitando embalagens vazias, será possivel transformá-las em objectos possíveis de serem o brinquedo que cada criança idealizar.
    A imaginação é estimulada ao mesmo tempo que promove um comportamento ambiental sustentável.
    Faz brinquedos. Faz reciclagem. Faz desenhos. Faz outra vez!
  • One day I go to the city park and asked some children (and his parents of course) for them to make some drawings for me.
  • Diferent packages for different children.
  • Manual + poster
  • Transportation bag.
  • My little collaborators at the project who concept some of the drawings at the packaging.
  • "Creativity can be stimulated with simple objects where the child has the opportunity to create, invent new functions and utilities for these objects."
    “A criatividade pode ser estimulada com objectos simples onde a criança tem oportunidade de criar, inventar novas funções e utilidades desses objectos.”


    Margarete Bueno Moscovo