Falafel Aboul Ziz

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  •  When FAZ asked us to create a falafel shop for franchising – falafel being a culture-anchored food - we made sure that we both share the same vision before we accepted the challenge: To create a brand that respects both a genuine falafel shop and a loyal falafel consumer. This meant designing a brand enough for duplication, but without affecting the image expected by the falafel consumers, which is no image!
    “So designing without design?” was the first reaction among our team members…

    With minimal design, we were able to achieve a brand that has all the familiar aspects of a falafel shop that customers look for, and without any “surprises” in the taste! An old-fashion fan cutout from the façade, the
    sandwich price clearly visible (a pre-requisite for any taxi driver), local language in all communication and simple, unbranded packaging to keep the costs genuinely low.
    The client kept his promise, and so did we. The place was crawling with people from the first week, and the
    second branch opened in less than 6 months.