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  • My project is based on the history and fading memory of Fort Kochi. I wish to make a creation through which it is possible for me to narrate a poem about how Fort Kochi is left with no real entities and that everything about its history is organized by our modern societies. The traditional art of conservation of remembered values & ideologies are fading out and the acceleration of history is creating a conflict between the integrated, all-powerful, real memory and history organized by our modern societies. I would also like to look at the intangible assets of Fort Kochi, the interesting fables and stories about how a new kind of history has been born and how its presence is felt all the time. The history that we know of now also bears the marks of innumerable cultures and civilizations, not just local but from around the world. And the culture and traditions of Fort Kochi depict this blend where a memory has overtaken
    the history.
    I took traditional Kerela Mundu as a form of expression. Most of my garments are made with full 2 meter Mundu and no cutting has been involved in the making. I had kept the main purpose of Mundus in mind i.e;  garment for the  humaid weather. All my garments are over sized and have a very free flowing form.and all of them are unisex.