• F+ is a application that gives the user the opportunity to 'forget' a specific memory via a digital audiovisual process that operates through smart devices.

    The first point of contact would be the publication which can be seen below, this would provide the user with the knowledge and passcode to access the website which will tether their smart device with the application. Within three days the application will appear on the users device, which will provide the user with the opportunity to experience the audiovisual treatment and ultimately forget a specific incident of the users choice.

    The publication is the primary point of contact; it introduces the service and what it offers the user.
  • The website is secure and password entry only. The website links the user's mobile device with the F+ service and provides them with the application via a serial number tether.
  • The application itself runs on any smart mobile device, the application delivers the audiovisual experience to the user aiding them to forget their chosen event.
  • Examples of user interaction can be seen in the slideshow below.
  • This video orchestrates the audiovisual experience the user will undergo when using the application.

    *Please note by making this audiovisual showcase video full screen it will reduce in quality. This video was created to iPad specification, so viewing on an iPad will give you the optimal viewing experience*

    The video should be watched alone, in the dark and in silence.

    The use of headphones is suggested, and volume should be turned to the maximum.