Exquisite Collective - 03

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  • Exquisite Collective - Round III
  • Julien Mercier, Switzerland
  • Noah Boyle, England / Inglaterra.
  • Pedro Nekoi, Brazil / Brasil.
  • Saya Behnam, United States
  • Willie Zapiola, Argentina
  • John Vargas Beltr├ín, Colombia
  • Exquisite Collective started off as a platform to enable the exchange and interaction between artists, designers, photographers and creatives from all over the world. We are interested in knowing what they are up to and giving exposure to their work.

    Our first open call was released in September 2011. Since people from all over the world have been called, they were asked to illustrate something that represented their nationality. Flags and other typical symbols were not accepted. We are trying to encourage participants to reflect their relationship with their motherland from an everyday perspective. Inspiration can be taken from films, stories, literature, paintings, etc.
    Wanna join us? Find us on Twitter (@HelouStudio), Facebook www.facebook.com/exquisite.collective or email us at helou.studio@gmail.com. Thanks!