Expressive Brush

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  • Expressive Brush
    A two day pointed brush lettering workshop in Columbus Ohio November 3-4, 2012 sponsored by the Calligraphy Guild of Columbus. A variety of pointed brushes and techniques will be explored in an less structured format than traditional calligraphy classes. Contact information for details and registration is on the flyer.
  • Greeting card lettering done with a Scarff #3 pointed brush 
  • Lettering with a Mars Graphic 3000 cleaned up in Photoshop
  • Mars Graphic 3000 on smooth paper unretouched
  • Pentel colorbrush double stroked and cleaned up in Photoshop
  • Pentel Pocket Brush lettering
  • Lettering with Kohjin brush
  • Tombow brush lettering. Cut and pasted, but unretouched
  • Sharff #3 pointed brush on tracing vellum