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Finalists exhibition ESAD 2012
Finalists Exhibition
Matosinhos Market
This was a project for ESAD (school of arts and design) Student's Association, where I studied and made part of this group. This consisted on creating the graphic identity for ESAD Finalists exhibition 2012, which took place in the most important market of my town, Matosinhos market, in june.
The identity uses the colors of the market, essentialy white, black and water green, remending us little market elements like the green fruit boxes. The exhibition identity wanted to be as clear as possible in order to give importance to the exhibition material, so it resulted in something very typographic.
The event "brand" was a triangle with one cutted edge, a geometric form that was choosen to complete the market building lines, that has also a geometric form not totaly completed.
The wall typography was designed by: André Santos | Made by: André Santos, Bruno Soares, Eduardo Rodrigues 
Workshop by: Tae Castro (Royal Studio) and Xesta Studio.