Exploring Singapore

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  • "It's so boring here!", "There's nothing to do here!" I am sure many of us residing in Singapore would have felt the same or heard someone complaining about how boring Singapore is.
    But is Singapore really boring? Is there really nothing much to do here or will there be more waiting to be discovered?
    The Map - An overview looking at some of the reasons to why we feel bored in Singapore.
    The Guide - More explanation of the various reasons and provide initial methods of exploring Singapore.
    The Documentation - Testing out one of the methods, by taking a train to an unknown region in which i chose Kembangan. It is a travel log documenting the sights, feelings and thoughts in relation to the unknown landscape.
    Featured in DPI Magazine, Taiwan (Vol 173)
  • Logo - On a closer look, with a subtle play on the letter P, it will be read as 'EXPLORING SINGABORE'
  • Interesting Street names in Singapore such as Jalan Malu-Malu (shy in Malay), Kay Poh Road (busybody in Hokkien dialect) and Lorong Ong Lai (pineapple/'luck is coming' in Hokkien dialect)