Experimental Project I

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  • My deepest inner psyche. I created this images by a natural unconscious push, not knowing what they meant; until several years later. They represent a struggle, an intent to unmask the socially accepted self identity, they are an effort to represent the real being, the one behind the social veils. Images dually unfolded, identity unfolded into a dually coexistance. Two. 
    A detachment from my inner daemons. A catharsis of my inner self. 
    Series constituted by 5 piezographies, variable sizes.
    Limited edition prints available for sale.
  • (FIG03) "Untitled I"
  • (FIG04) "Untitled II"
  • (FIG05) "Untitled III"
  • (FIG06) "Untitled IV"
  • (FIG07) "Untitled V"
  • © Rafael Blando Torres