Experiential Spaces Pause 2011

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  • Kim Norton
    Experiential Spaces: Pause

    Experiential Spaces has derived from a two year research project
    exploring how to push the impact of ceramics through scale interested in the physicality and presence of clay. Kim's practise is also driven by examining the phenomenology of spaces how we react and embody those spaces and how to create a sensory or emotional response through design.

    Seclusion, retreat and quietness have driven the design, as well as a strong consideration for the site This seating space has specifically been designed for lady Margaret Hall garden within Oxford University.

    The final outcome a five metre seating space which enables the user to experience differing perceptions of the space depending on where you choose to sit. The object allows a solitary moment to be captured. It is possible to reside and to be partially visible or secluded from others sharing the space. There is a sensation through subtle nuances of being slightly encased or enveloped by the form. Both sides resonate the same ideas however may evoke a different emotional reponse with a distinct feeling of inside/outside emergence/withdrawal depending where you decide to position yourself.
    This project was kindly sponsored by Ibstock Brick in Bristol where the design was hand-built and hand-carved entirely from clay brick and installed in August 2011 where Pause will permanently reside.

  • Day 1 of building in Ibstock March 2011
  • Day 3 of building in Ibstock measuring the template for secluded seating space March 2011
  • Carving the secluded seating space by hand this took between 10-12 days 
  • Finished secluded seating testing out how the body fits into this space.
  • Fired bricks arrived at Lady Margaret Hall August 2011 To begin the installation process.
  • The 1st day of construction with the help of Creative Brickworks Oxford 
  • Nearing completion 
  • Pause in September 2011
  • Pause in September 2011