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Experience Uganda is a start up travel company who organize safaris and adventure tours in East Africa
“ExperienceUganda” is a travel company who organises holidays and safaris to Uganda - whatis known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’. Theyare known for their exceptional service and tailor made trips whichdifferentiate them from the standard tour agent. They wanted to grow their clientbase and reach out to the wider market. They wanted to strengthen their brandby creating a unique logo, an informative brochure and several poster andleaflet imagery.

Wediscussed ideas and decided that we wanted to bring a “wild and adventurous” feelingto their brand personality while retaining a professional and trustworthy image. Thesmall cap letters in the logo give a friendly appearance to the company. And the“happy” e, is a memorable and simple typeface which can be used on all marketing collateral.

Theblue and yellow colours were chosen to stand out from their competition whooften choose the earthy browns and the sunset oranges. This unusual choice ofcolours demonstrate that Experience Uganda is a travel company with adifference.

Uganda is a beautiful and friendly country with plenty of amazing and adventurous treasures. We used photographs of its stunning landscape as backdrops for our logo.
The Brochure - An intricate map with detailed annotations and information was created with cleanly laid out content. The brochure allows the client to quickly get an overview of all the services they offer. Experience Uganda were very happy with thier new eye catching, simple and beautiful branding