Experibass:Hans Zimmer's Score for Sherlock Holmes

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  • I had the fantastic opportunity to play my Experibass on Hans Zimmer's score for "Sherlock Holmes", the new Guy Ritchie's film. I'm one of the featured soloists.

    Hansreally loved the pounding tonal grooves and aggressive depth of the bassesI was playing on the Experibass and asked me to go full scale with allthose techniques I was showing in the original video. I didn't stopthere though, I also experimented with new techniques that were coming up tomy mind while playing on his tracks.
  • Abig thanks goes to my friends Daniel Holter (photo on the left) andRussell Emanuel (photo on the right) for passing my video and make theconnection happens.
  • Working with Hans Zimmer and his team has been great and I'd like to thank them for this amazing experience. I've been a fan of his music for a long time and I felt honored when he called me to play on the score of Sherlock Holmes. Here's a couple of pictures:
  • Credit for the pictures taken with Hans Zimmer goes to Pete 'Oso' Snell. Thanks Pete!
  • Here's a video where Hans and I are talking about the different techniques and tools I used on the Experibass.
  • This is the original video I made with my Experibass: