• Expatcenter 
  • The complicated procedures governing the ability to work in the Netherlands is a source of irritation for many international companies and their employees in the Amsterdam region. With a single desk for expats, the Expatcenter removes these barriers and puts Amsterdam back on the map as a hospitable city for employees and their families. From now on, knowledge migrants can collect their residence permits, register with the municipality and obtain advice on schools and accommodation at a single location. 

    Hospitality and diversity are the starting points of a corporate identity which Silo (design) developed in cooperation with Fabrique (draft) for the Expatcenter. The corporate identity shows that the Expatcenter is targeted at a highly diverse range of people, cultures and backgrounds. The use of colour and the various patterns refer to the many corners of the earth from which expats originate. By switching patterns, forms and colours, a flexible and multicoloured form language is created which changes constantly, in the same way as the Expatcenter is formed by the people who come, stay and then leave. 

    Silo and Fabrique also used the new house style in the interior of the Expatcenter in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. By using the Expatcenter patterns and colours in window foils and authentic Expatcenter wallpaper, the space has been given a friendly, unique and service-oriented image. 

    Silver European Design Award 2009