Expanding Landscape Installation

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  • Expanding Landscape Installation
  • The Expanding Landscape Installation is a large scale environmental installation of the Expanding Landscape sculpture that I created several years ago.  When I made the original sculpture I immediately imagined the experience of living within the sculpture.  During my residency at PlatteForum in Denver last year I was fortunate to have the space to realize this piece at a scale that had lived in my head for several years.
    Viewers are able to experience the sculpture from different angles, walking into the sculpture to be surrounded by the undulating forms.  Made from simple materials of only mylar and monofilament, the work transforms the gallery space with shadow and light.   The shadows are as much a part of the sculpture as the physical element of the cut mylar and gravity is as important to the form as the monofilament that holds it up.  
    Inspired by alternative architectural methods, the sculpture focuses on the transformation of flat two dimensional materials into complex three dimensional forms.  Slits in the flat material allow it to open up into a 3 dimensional shape. It is created with a single sheet of mylar and all of the cuts are made by hand.
    This project was installed at PlatteFourum in Denver, CO October 2012.