Exóticalia’s Staring at the Universe Series · 4

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    Dawn in Venus
    Exóticalia’s Staring at the Universe Series  ·  4
    In a not so distant past a young boy went for a night walk with his great-grandmother at her small village.
    A night in the countryside was a quite new experience for him, as he was usually blinded by the city lights each time he tried to look at the stars.
    New sounds embraced him in a calm atmosphere that led to some contemplative state of mind.
    He stared at the sky amazed by the clarity and reverberation of the million points of light that illuminated his smile. He became aware of the vastness of the Universe and in that moment he felt overwhelmed.
    The Milky Way was right there; he could touch it…he could feel it in his fingertips just by looking at it…
    In that moment this young boy decided that he would like to be alive until the Age that Humanity discovers exactly what is behind that “black background” on which the stars are laid.
    Years later he discovered the Hubble Space Telescope and once again his mind left his body behind and began a new exploratory journey through new colourful landscapes, similar to what he had dreamed in that distant night at his great-grandmother’s house.
    This collection represents some of the galaxies that this young boy believes to exist, and are somewhere up there waiting for a new visit.

    Digital Illustration.
    Limited Edition of hand numbered 100 copies.
    Giclée Print in Cotton Wove 280g Paper.
    34 x 48 cm