• "Ein neger mit Gazelle zagt im regen nie."
    A negro with a gazelle doesn't fear in the rain – German palindrom
  • "Atar a la rata"
    Tie down the rat – Spanish Palindrom
  • "Dabale arroz a la zorra el abad"
    Father gave rice to the vixen – Spanish Palindrom
  • "La petite brise la glace
    Pour pêcher avec son ami :
    Il lui faudrait un autre lieu.
    Mais le vent est beaucoup trop froid.
    Il lui faudrait un autre lieu
    Pour pécher avec son ami.
    La petite brise la glace"

    "The young girl breaks the ice
    To fish with her friend :
    She needs another pollock.
    But the wind is too cold.
    She needs another place
    to sin with her friend.
    The young girl breaks the ice" 
    – French poem
  • "Red rum sir is murder"
    English Palindrom
  • "Dog as a devil deified lived as a god"
    English Palindrom