Exhibition: Gezeitentümpel | tidal pools

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  • Exhibition "GEZEITENTÜMPEL  |  tidal pools"
    Objectifs Gallery, 56A Arab Street, Singapore

    1 February - 9 March 2013

    Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday: 11am to 7pm
    Wednesdays: 11am to 10pm
    Saturdays: 12noon to 6pm
    Closed on Sundays and public holidays
  • Was mag denn wohl der alte Urwald träumen?
    Er ist ja selbst ein üpp’ger Traum der Zeiten,
    Wenn, grüßend nach des Meeres Silberschäumen,
    Hoch auf ihm hin sich Blumengärten breiten.

    What might the old jungle dream of?
    He himself a lush dream of times,
    When, saluting the ocean’s silver foam,
    Gardens of flowers are sprawling high upon him?
    Gottfried Keller, Gedichte/Poems, 1846
  • “It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again.” John Steinbeck

    Tidal pools are spaces caught between the extremely different forces of land and sea; they know the silent glare of sunlight and the surging power of ocean tides. The forces around them change constantly, yet they remain the same.

    In the future, when nearly everything has been flattened and streamlined into a simulacra of reality, they might carry the narratives for alternatives.

    Gezeitentümpel is a collection of visual poems and questions about the brevity of life and the vastness of time. They are archeological meditations, presenting hidden parts of Singapore that symbolize the infinite glory-- and futility-- of existence.

    Maybe one has to descend to the tidal pools’ ground in order to discover. Whether you see stars or you see dirt, it is OK.
  • Excerpt of the GEZEITENTÜMPEL Soundtrack by THE OBSERVATORY
    Live performance on the 16th of February 2013