Exclusive Brochure

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    If you like to finish up your products or services with an exclusive touch, this brochure will be a perfect match. You can download this full editable print-ready template at http://graphicriver.net/item/exclusive-brochure/3208734?ref=mikinger. The brochure is part of my „Exclusive Serie“ and is composed of 28 pages. You can easily transform it into a 16- or 56-pager. The brochure fits perfectly as a corporate identity brochure to present your special services or only a certain product glamorous.

    This brochure is ideal for any type of business or personal use. For an extra ordinary look, you can print the gold-colour as a spot colour and put a glossy coat finish on for a very intensive look. With this Brochure you can be sure that the attention is yours.