• Posters¬†

    History of GD
    Exam Week Poster for my History of Graphic Design final. Through out the semester we self studied a designer of our choice, wrote an essay on them and lastly create a poster using their thinking process and design aesthetics. I chose Takenobu Igarashi, a japanese designer that explores three dimensional space and simple shapes in typography, some of his work can be found at IgarashiStudio.
  • FInal

  • Internship at Fairfield University¬†
    Fairfield University Convocation Poster for the class of 2016. They wanted it to resemble a crossing sign with their mascot. The Stag represents the journey from freshman year 2012 to senior year 2016.


  • DWI Posters
    Typographic posters expressing the issue of drinking and driving, goal is to plan ahead whether it is calling a cab or having a designated driver. Typeface used is a face I created over the summer, first time implementing it in design. These posters were created for student health services at University of Bridgeport.