Evolving Systems I : express yourself

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  • Public Launch Campaign
  • CHALLENGE: Take a "we don't make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better" BASF-type telecommunications company and introduce it to the public. 

    SOLUTION: We sought to make Evolving Systems synonymous with "self expression"; that whichever telecom you subscribe to more than like uses our software; that Evolving Systems is the man behind the curtain making it all happen…without overusing or replicating the overused Oz metaphor. In this series, whether your need for self-expression takes the form of voice, data, text or other means, Evolving Systems makes it possible. 

    AFTERMATH: Literally days from launch in telecom trade pubs nationwide, Cingular launched its first-ever campaign on Super Bowl Sunday and this campaign would be shelved. We then developed a more conceptual, corporate approach as a follow-up which ran, generating much response and success. Yet, this little aborted campaign is still my favorite and a real shame it never saw the light of day—until now ;)