• Evidence
  • This solo exhibition ran from 31st Oct - 22 Nov 2012 at ArtHere in Sydney. The selection of images is a distillation of much of my research; the stories you'll find on my website. The exhibition was curated by renowned Australian photographer and curator Sandy Edwards. It gained much publicity including the Critics' Choice for Art in The Sydney Morning Herald
    Artist Statement:

    This series of images continues my exploration of anthropogenic, post-natural landscapes - the constant state of flux that exists around us. In essence, I discover places I never knew existed and document evidence of surreal relationships between humans and their natural and man-made surroundings. 

    There is evidence of extreme alteration of the land, co-existence with nature, subversion of man-made environments and of nature’s retaliation. 

    The question can be asked - what is natural? Is it natural for humans to shape their surroundings? Is a pile of unearthed coal natural? Is a playground natural? This exhibition portrays all these aspects of the world as natural. 

    It was important to evaluate each scene without pre-conception, documenting with impartiality. I studied the evidence before me without drawing conclusions as to what has been, or what is to come.

    Prints are pigment ink on archival cotton rag. Image size 55x44cm with a 5cm border. Editions of 5.