• Everything in Every Thing
    October 2010 — January 2011 commercials and one personal project
  • Coffee Point
    Fast takeaway coffee points in Russian supermarkets
  • Dubai postcard
    for Abdullah son 2 years birthday
  • Alfa-Bank - Cosmopolitain flash-card
    Flash animated interactive post card for Visa card holders
  • Agency: Sklyarovstudio.ru
    Art Director: Dmitry Sklyarov
    Illustrator: Fil Dunsky
    Flash technologist: Alexey Sklyarov
    Editor: Olga Nelina

    Check out sketches, process and motion flash card in action here http://fil-dunsky.livejournal.com/57235.html
  • Danone corporate magazine
    Rush editorial illustrations done in less than a workday per image.
  • Postcard for Latvian ArniMedia
  • Bigger image can be found here http://fil-dunsky.livejournal.com/56134.html
  • Digital Design Poster
  • Techno Presents for men
    On-line shop web site
  • Working site is here: http://техно-подарки.рф
  • Rostelecom Book
    Quick low-budget illustrations done in less than a workday per layout.
  • Agency: IQ Marketing
  • Beeline Adverts
    For the biggest russian cellphone and internet provider
  • God Is Love
    Personal project