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    Book pages made of concrete
    The glassfibre concrete facade at the Eurostars Book Hotel in Munich is part of a fabulous design idea. The architecture of the building is devoted to the most cultural object in history: the book. Each floor is dedicated to a literary genre; the corridors and guestrooms pay tribute to the great writings of world history and the façade is full of pages. The shaped facade elements from Rieder represent curved book pages that protect from direct sunlight.
    In the design of cladding, there are hardly no limits for planners and architects with fibreC. The selection of ten different colours in each of three surface forms the basis. In line with current trends and developments, fibreC offers a range of additional procedures for the creation of individual building shells. With a specially developed method, it is possible, to make glassfibre reinforced concrete flow around corners, or produce formed elements.  Extraordinary building envelopes such as the pages of the Eurostars Book Hotel are the result of this advanced handling wit concrete.
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