European Culture Congress

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  • Visual identity and the website for the main event of the Cultural Program of the Polish EU Presidency.
    The Congress website functioned as a guidebook: it contains information materials, a large collection of multimedia, including videos made by the users, interviews with participants, animations and audio recordings. In addition to information about the participants and topics of the Congress, there is also an interactive novel, a European database of socially active organisations and functionalities enabling user participation in open art projects (The Wall, Dock’s Docs).

    During the Congress the website presented live transmissions and enabled booking for the events.

    The website is based on html5 technology with audio and video elements playable with the use of Apple devices (iPad, iPhone).The Congress was held in the Centennial Hall in Wrocław in September 2011. Among guests there are Umberto Eco, Brian Eno, Vaclav Havel and many more.