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  • Il  marchio nasce con l’intenzione di trasmettere quali sono le mie principali caratteristiche,
    ossia velocità e serietà.
    In esso sono insite diverse simbologie: 

    • La vela, ad indicare movimento, velocità;

    • Le vele presenti in esso sono 3, a richiamare i vari aspetti simbologici
    del numero: la perfezione, la trinità, la creatività come espressione
    e sviluppo dell’intelletto
    • Inoltre nelle vele è insita una progressione, che sta ad indicare la crescita,
    il tutto seguendo la diagonale lirica.

    | ENG |

    The brand was created with the intention of simbolize what are my main characteristics,
    that are speed and reliability.
    In it are inherently different symbols:

    • The sail to indicate motion, speed;

    • The sails present in it are 3, to invoke the various symbological aspects of
    the number: perfection, the trinity, creativity as an expression
    and development of the intellect

    • Also in the sails is an inherent progression, which indicates growth,
    it according to the diagonal opera.

  • Inspiration
  • Initially I wanted my brand represent a crown, a symbol that always belong to me, but in reality it would distract from what I really wanted to communicate.
    So I decided to join the crown with a symbol that could be representative of my main feature, speed.
    My choice then fell on the wind.
    But since this is immaterial and perhaps too abstract to be represented, I decided to tack on something which could represent it in a material way, and then from there, the sail.
  • So, finally, I reached what I'm searching for, an optimum shape that would combine the two bases.
  • Costructive of the pictogram
  • Constructive of the logotype
  • Union of pictogram and logotype
  • After, the choose of the istitutional colours:
  • And so the definitive Brand
  • The next step has been to create my own corporate image