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    The basic concept of the project lies in the fact that in the world There are a lot (possiblythousands) of magical artifacts ("objects") in the form of small figurines of animalsunknown to science out of metal, giving them superpowers owners and thereby influence the course of historical processes. Artifacts vary in strength and abilities given by: someallow the wearer to become immortal, invisible, allow teleport to understand all languages​​, not to sleep, give the gift of persuasion, etc. Once the artifact goes to the man, his eyesare different colors, it is this feature allows the owner objects to know each other.
  • Magical artefact
    Seahorse - destruction
  • Magical artefact
    Lizard - immortality
  • Interaction of magical artefacts
    Mosaic mode
  • Visual system scetch
  • Visual system scetch
  • Character style guide 
  • Etnogenesis logo explanation
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  • Example of visual system working 
  • Example of visual system working

    Interaction of magical charms and characters in the story, time and space
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  • Visual system implementation in series
  • Ipad game user interface scetch