• Ethio telecom™ build a strong & consistent brand, an asset for growth & prosperity
  • Our assignment for the national ethiopian telecommunication company ethio telecom™ has been very wide, from defining the new corporate culture, to build the visual platform and the tone of voice they have now implemented. The result is a constitent and simplified corporate dynamics design. It is fully part of the transformation program Ethio telecom™ is going through and help them to engage emotional dialogues with customers.

    Branding Strategy
    Corporate Culture
    Visual Guidelines
    Stores External and Internal Design (173 shops)
    Shops Furnitures Design (desks, benches, sofas, products displays)
    Customers Journeys Design
    Marketing Communication Material
    Employees Communication Material
    Vehicle Fleet
    Corporate Papers
    Website (UX - AI - UI - Web Design)
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