Ethereal Lamentations

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  • Ethereal Lamentations
    Reflected Emotions
  • This is a sample of my music - melodic in style, representing "reflected emotion" from the experiences around me. You can find more at, or even more at my homepage.

    Note: I still compose, but I no longer release my compositions. It was too personal a form of expression for me to continue publicly after being deprived of my source of inspiration. The entire concept behind this album was "reflection of emotions", and the material from which I could reflect was polluted by the cities, schools, and workplaces in which I found myself.

    I agree with Schopenhauer's view of music: it is will made manifest. When my environment is again suitable for the expression of that will - which means the free expression of who I am - then I will resume publicly composing.

    For now, enjoy what I've already written!
  • "After the Storm"
  •  "Moon Song"
  • "Of Grief and Determination"
  •  "Winter"
  • "What Lies Beyond the Sea"
  • "The Wind and the Sea"
  • "Return from Exile"