Estado Puro Tepa

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  • Estado Puro Tepa
    Branding Architecture, Interior Design          
    Chef Paco Roncero’s Gastrobar _NH Hotels
    Built_2011_Madrid, Spain
    Estado Puro II creates a brand: reinventing the “typical Spanish”.
  • We arranged, unified and softened a difficult space in the form of an elongated and narrow tube, while bringing a new dimension to the evolving concept of Estado Puro. 1000 combs and 1000 flamenco dancers were arranged in two parallel lightened “skins”, creating enveloping waves and curves giving power to the space and tying the sequence of the existing vaults. Our intention was to create a sensation of cosines, while keeping it fun and elegant. Flamenco dancers with a lifted arm pretend to hold up the tapas* and wine - the Spanish symbol upholds the tradition of tapas.