Esta espécie de Alma

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  • "Esta Espécie de Alma"
    "This Kind of Soul"
  • Serving SlashThree Exhibition 17: QUOTE UNQUOTE

    “ Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo" means "I have within me all the dreams of the world” and its a quote from a well known Portuguese Poet named Fernando Pessoa.

    The challenge was to create something based on a famous, cultural, or even from the artist’s own life quote.

    Hope You like it, and please check the entire exhibit.
  • Work in Progress
  • WIP 1 - The sketch

    This was my first contact with this piece, as you can see further, the final result is much different.
  • WIP 2 - coloring
  • WIP 3
  • Final piece
  • Final Piece - This was my final result.

  • Details
  • Detail 1 - The dream catcher temple
  • Detail 2 - The dream catcher statue
  • Detail 3