from branding to food delivery 
    from handicraft to promotion 

  • To design an identity is to fall in love with the project, to enjoy the process, and to success in the client's hands. 
    In this project we couldn't fail: the client's hands would ultimately get filled with delicious food — we just needed to let it sparkle!
    Espere Sentado is a food delivery service, which brings to your home the wonderful food that you chose from their menu online. To have the confidence to trust your wonderful stomach to an online restaurant, you'll need an overwhelming brand that sets your mood on the tasty details! Aimed at a low-to-middle economic range, and servig at such budget-wise prices Espere Sentado was designed with the public's needs in mind in order to earn their confidence. The branding strategy couldn't be easier, fueled by tasty salads, we set our Royal hands to design a simple system built by promotional elements, a wise website and well-rounded social network to achieve the maximum demographic reach. A color palette sets our realm on both the take-away, the fast food but also in the traditional Portuguese food. To sit and to wait is strongest value of the service, in order to reach that goal we Royally sat our logo down and hungry, as there would be no need for no motor references as expected, and therefore, we went through the hungry lane of excitement, and ended up simplifying the order process. 
    In the end, the brand is a tasty rich visual system that can be as complex as it will ever need to be, an execellence that will make you eager to sit and wait with the hungry boss mood — allow the tattooed guy to come by your house, and wave for an instragram snapshot on your rested cruzade to the fresh spaghetti!
    Let the hungry quest begin at www.esperesentado.com
    From the food to the branding,
    Ladies & Gentlemen:
    The Royal Delivery!

  • Royal Studio © 2013
    Web development: Diogo Bessa
    Photo Session: JP Silva & Paulo Ferreira
    Oporto, Portugal