Ergonomic Microwave

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  • I recently redesigned an ergonomic microwave I originally did for a university project. I felt it looked boring and outdated, and it was also good practice to keep on top of my skills. The outer orange casing is more of an aesthetic “skin” that simply protects the steel case as opposed to any internal components. As such these “skins” could be easily switched to a different colour to allow consumers to quickly update the look of their kitchen with ease. The colour of the LED display can be adjusted by the user via an option on the control panel to change the hue. The door on the microwave slides upwards to open, which eliminates the need for the user to strain themselves pulling open a door. Also by having two handles on each side of the door the load of the door is evenly spread-out. The dials are 40 millimeter in diameter to accommodate an average grip size. The angled control panel allows the user to see the display without bending their neck to far down.
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