Epi Tutorial School Notebooks

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  • Epi ( Επί ) means "multiply" in greek!


    Epi Tutorial School's teachers realized that many students tend to lose their motivation to study due to general pessimistic atmosphere. Thus, the school decided to offer them something practical but also inspirational.
    We therefore, designed a notebook with 4 different covers, as if they were action, horror comic or social movie posters centered around exams and future. The notebooks received some very high reviews...
  • The Super Five

    It reads from top to bottom:
    They don't have supernatural powers. They don't magical abilities.
    But they have the power to change everything

    The greatest power is your mind!
    The Super Five
    From the Director of "Brain-Power" and "Yes I Can"
  • Η Ύλη ( Yli = The Curriculum )
    In greek it also means "the manner"

    It reads from top to bottom:

    From the Director of "Equation" and "19.000 points" comes
    the scaries movie of the year...  which will keep you up at night

    A scary movie that will nail all students in their seats
    The Student Magazine

    Claustrophobic and Realistic
    The Teacher

    If you don't make it in time you can paralyze... from anxiety
    The Curriculum

  • LOL

    It reads from top to bottom:

    From the Director of "F.Y.I: Fly your Ideas" and "O.M.G: One Mind Group" 

    Leader or Looser? That is The Question.

    "Funny, Sensitive and Overall Great!"
    The Optimist

    "A movie that makes your heart smile. A rare combination of realistic characters and surreal humor"
    Objective Daily
  • The Plan

    It reads from top to bottom:

    "One of the most exciting movies of the year that will make you bite your nails"
    Box Office Magazine

    The Perfect Plan can go wrong if it falls into the wrong hands
    The Plan

    From the Director of "Mind Wide Open". "The Test" and "Believe in Me"