Entrance hall of residential complex LUMIÈRE

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  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Project: Lumiere
    Location: Corpusnaya street,  Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    Realization: 2011

    ART Studio Design & Construction worked out an interior design project for the entrance lobby of the residential complex ‘Lumiére’ in St. Peterburg. It’s an unusual building located in Petrogradsky district, with a reserved exterior, but with a bright and unconventional decoration of the interior and also the inner yard. A project of this character also demanded other than a standard solution for the lobby.

    The concept and the corporate identity of the residential complex both lie at the basis of our solution for the design. These ideas were revealed by bright colourful cases recessed into the columns that rise up to the ceiling, by coloured stripes along the stairs and, certainly by the sign board in the shape of the logo at the entrance of the building.