• Enter-Film TV Channel Identity 2011

    In September 2011, the new identity style was introduced for Enter-Film TV channel. INTER-design has redesigned visual look and graphic idents. The task was consisted in refreshing design, maintaining mood of the “classic soviet and foreign movie” channel.
    It was decided to use in identity silhouette animation with the most popular and recognizable characters from classical movies.
    As a result, new idents were developed in 5 different genres: drama, melodrama, cartoons, comedies and war movies.

     Client: Enter-Film TV channel
  • Process

    Stylistic Development
  • Credits:
    Creative Team: Artem Gostev, Nazar Gnativ, Olga Doroshenko, Alexander Lubimov, Stas Galan, Natasha Postnaya, Alexey Vertyachikh
    2D Lead Artist: Alexander Lubimov
    2D Artists: Stas Galan, Alexey Vertyachikh
    Illustrator: Natasha Postnaya
    Sound Design: Natasha Tverdohleb, Yuriy Konichenko
    Producer: Ivan Krutous
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