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Photo shoot for would-be violent action movie posters.
DOUBLE**TAP: Ensemble Movie Posters
Every so often, a friend of mine gathers a bunch of guys in his living room for a night of ridiculous and violent action movie madness. At the most recent such event, I brought along my gear to do an action movie poster shoot of all the guys (myself included, at the bottom). The idea was to make one ensemble movie poster, along with individual posters for all the "stars" - this was a would-be  movie, after all. Brian Clement brought the duffel bag full of weapons and tactical gear (they're not real, he's a director and these were some props), and he also kindly took my shot last after I'd metaphorically shot everyone else.

This was a personal project. As such, the typography work was done by me, and not someone with, you know, typographical talent. All posters were done at the industry standard 27x40 inch sizing.

Click for a behind the scenes shot.