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    For my Final Major Project I took on the challenge of recreating three book covers by the famous author ‘Dan Brown’. The direction of this project started to evolve; I also started thinking about creating my own publication logo for the book, the physical appearance of the books and their promotion. 
  • Angels and Demons Book Cover
  • Deception Point Book Cover
  • Digital Fortress Book Cover
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  • After the re-design of the three Dan Brown Book covers, I decided on coming up with different ways of promoting the books.
  • This is a promotion concept for the 'Angels and Demons' book. this idea was based on the illuminati theme of the book; i quickly noticed how this had a link with the symbol on the the US dollar, so I decided to use this as a vehicle to promote the book. The concept being that you hand out these fake dollar notes and the receiver would eventually noticed the subtle changes. The QR code would be scanned so that the receiver would wonder why. The QR code would send you to the book promotion page.
  • This was a promotion idea for  the 'Deception Point' book, I was chose to use the US election the me that  was in the book as a vehicle to promote the book. I also noticed that there symbols in US politics (Democrats and Republicans) so decided to make my own poiltical symbol: I chose to use a mask because it symbolizes deception. 
  • I started to extend this promotion by make a twitter page.
  • This is the promotion idea for the 'Digital Fortress' book. The intention was to catch the attention of the viewer by seeing the incorrect spelling. By the nature of the spelling, the veiwer would be able to make sense out of what the poster says. I was influenced the nature of the book; the way you have to de-cipher text some that you can understand it. 
    The next part was the QR code in the middle [you can't scan the QR code in the middle try scanning the one below].
    In terms of this part, I was thinking about the theme of 'technological twist' that was recurring in the book.
  • This is the interesting QR code.