Enexis Smart Grid Master

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  • Enexis Smart Grid Master
    Mobile app
  • Master the grid and build a smart and sustainable residential area that balances out the demand and supply questions so prevalent in today's energy industries. The better the balance, the better the score.

    Responsible for testing the application on the iPad. Checked all iPad's and iOS's.
    First checked the game play and the scoring system. Kept testing all assets each new build.

    Testing area's:
    - game play
    - scoring system (including achievements)
    - graphical design
    - motion design
    - text
    - user interface
    - swiping ability

    You can play it by downloading the app on you iPad. Just go to the app store and search for enexis smart grid. Then download it.
    Or go to http://www.smartgridmaster.nl and play it in the browser.

    Production: MediaMonks