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Second year motion poster project.
The intention of this brief was to create a motion posters that informs the general public of issues surrounding healthier / cleaner living and the environment in order to elicit a positive response to the campaign, encouraging the viewer to do that little bit more to help out.

I decided to explore the issue surrounding energy saving light bulbs and how I could make it a much more interesting issue that people would like to engage with a spread the word. In this present time we are constantly surrounded by technology that consume energy, so therefore I would target the tech-savy population. 

'Get Your Bulbs Out' campaign is a tongue and cheek concept targeted at the younger adults. Getting them to switch their regular bulbs for energy efficient bulbs through clever innuendos that address the positives of an energy efficient bulb. The typography is created specifically for this project as it has characteristics that represent electrical components.
Energy Saving Light Bulb Motion Poster Storyboard.
The Poster