• POSITIVE LAND is a campaign for Energizer Latin America in which the activities of online users turns into public good actions in the offline world.
    That’s the idea of the build up of this fantastic and futuristic city full of positive energy.
    A two-faced lighthouse which constantly illuminates the whole city; an eternal rainbow that could be surfed; a chocolate park; a toys circus; a skyscraper made full of books or a bouncy street are just some of the positive buildings / projects raised up in this city.
    The PL design had begun in early 2011 and it was an exhaustive process in which we had to combine a super technological look with some “positive” stuff.
    We thought the development of the city as if it were an urbanist plan and the design of highways, streets, cars, buildings and streets was based on a strong futuristic personality.
    We wanted to communicate this “energy” concept in the inhabitants of Positive Land. So we designed them morphologically as if their bodies were a battery. The shape of their torso has an analogy to the Energizer batteries and their heads are floating above the neck just linked to them by this invisible positive energy.
    It was a hardworking and long project but it’s probably the one we are more proud of.
    Please visit www.positiveland.com
  • Agency: TBWA\Buenos Aires
    ECD: Juan Cruz Bazterrica – Guillermo Castañeda
    Interactive Director: Marcelo Santarceri
    CD: Roberto Leston.
    DA: Cecilia Astengo
    Copywriter: Emilio Pastore
    Account Director Interactive: Agustina Vázquez
    Account Executive Interactive: Micaela Weinstein
    Broadcast Production Director: Gonzalo Calzada
    Broadcast Producer: Agustina Marques
    Production Company: Flamboyant Paradise
    Director: Javier Lourenço
    Executive Producer: Guido Rutenberg
    Art Director: Ezequiel Torres
    Producer: Leticia Christoph
    Music & Sound Design: Noroeste Música y Sonido
    Client Supervision: Federico Ortiz(Marketing Director Energizer Latam).