Energie Steiermark Annual Report 2012 - Publishing

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  • Energie Steiermark Annual Report 2012
    Corporate Publishing
  • In today's world an energy supplier has to offer more than just supplying energy. It has to act like a good neighbor – it should always be there when needed. Therefor the main objective of Energie Steiermark is „a good connection to you“.
    The report informs in an easy-going way and represents a sense of new beginnings. It’s a companion on the way to a global acting, modern and pleasant energy supplier. The green band that keeps together the annual report should also symbolize the relationship between company and clients. And it's not only wrapped around the book, it's also the protagonist of most of the infographics. 
    Corporate Publishing by moodley brand identity
    Client: Energie Steiermark AG
    Responsible for the content: Mag. (FH) Urs Harnik-Lauris
    Project team: Verena Kubinzky, Mike Fuisz, Wolfgang Niederl, Ljubomir Sužnjević, Wolfgang Croce, Markus Supanitsch
    Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art Direction und Graphic Design: Wolfgang Niederl
    Design: Ljubomir Suznjevic
    Photography: Wolfgang Croce
    Project Management: Markus Supanitsch
    Print: Steiermärkische Landesdruckerei GmbH