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An inspired skate deck series for endangered animals.
n Germany I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Berlin Zoo. It's known as one of the most expansive parks, which is responsible for around 18,000 different species of animals. My favorite was the Okapi, an animal that resembles black and white stripes like that of a Zebra, but is more closely related to Giraffes. I also learned that they were close to becoming endangered. I noticed that there was merely one Okapi in the entire exhibit, while many of the other exhibits held at least a few of each kind of animal. 

Inspired by my visit to the zoo, and after witnessing that lone Okapi, I decided to created a series of endangered animal illustrations. The idea of putting them on skate decks came from my love of skateboarding. Ideally, with the proceeds from selling the decks, a large percentage would be donated to the World Wild Life Fund in protecting the environments of these animals.
Image reference
Initial drawing
In order from left to right, Okapi, African Wild Dog, and the Chimpanzee.