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  • Encounters is a bandformed by 5 high school friends who are now in their early 20s. Basedout of lower California near the boarder of Mexico, this progressiveDjent band is slowly climbing the charts in the underground world.Influenced by ancient space travel and ominous undertones with binarycode drops, Encounters is shaking the very foundation of music.

    The5 members who were already in a band when they graduated high school,decided to go on a trip to Central America and came across the Aztecruins and from that moment on, they completely changed the way theythought about music and how difficult life was back then. Oncereturning from the trip, they began writing up all shorts of songsand researching everything that had to do with ancient civilization,thoughts of space travel and discovery. The idea of being free fromboundaries of time and space, discovering the unknown and theeveryday life on people back in ancient times has inspired them .When Encounters venturesinto the realm of ambiance it actually raises the level of the songabove the crushing breakdowns and demands the listener stay put forthe ride. More impressive than their ability to write and record suchmaterial, is how big it all plays live. The room seems to expand andfill with spacious tones just in time to be leveled with ferocity.The band is razor sharp while nailing every bit of nuance theirambitious songwriting offers.

    With a label now in place,Encounters recently spent time in the studio producing their firststudio album “ We Came From Dreams”. Forevery bit of progression and aura the band offers up on Impulse,comes an equal and unforgiving onslaught of heaviness. Just whenheavy metal had seemed to reach a ceiling on how punishing a soundcould get, Encounters raised the bar even higher.

    The font I used for the logo I got off Behance, from another artist, I want to give him credit but I can't remember his name, if anyone knows who I'm talking about let me know so I can give him credit for the typeface.
  • First studio album " W e Came From Dreams " 
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