En Scene: The Art of the Title

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  • A hand bound, printed catalog consisting of 60 pages of film title sequence history (not all spreads are shown). 24 iconic title sequences are divided evenly into four time periods: Early 1900s, 1920s - 1940s, 1950s - 1980s, and 1990s - Today. This catalog is representative of a proposed museum exhibit to showcase these title sequences.
    Back cover:
    "En Scene: The Art of the Title is an interactive experience through the vast history of film title sequences. Walk through the decades and view the very best in film making from the 1900s until today. Leaders in the art of title sequences are highlighted throughout the progression of not only film making, but also graphic design, typography, fashion, and other social trends. This spatial timeline moves through the rich narrative of title sequences and exposes the evolution of more than a century's films.
    Film titles can be great fun. In them we see the bond between the art of filmmaking and graphic design and perhaps visual culture as a whole. They have always served a greater purpose than themselves: to move the overarching story forward. Whether you are a motion graphic designer, a digital artist, or a connoisseur of design, we hope you are inspired by these film titles and the ideas they suggest to your own creative endeavors."