En El Banquillo 7 Días

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  •  This project has been one of the most interesting ones I have had.
    I got surprised when I looked at the final product that I got because here is when you realize that sometime or almost always things change suddenly and the first idea that you had transformed and give you another super cool product.

    This is basically a new segment of a TV program called “7 Días” broadcast weekly every Monday

    A short story about the process… Well, this project was not the one I was waiting for. I was in some other important projects in the company I work for, so another project could mess up things or delay them! And in that time it was going to be a chaos.

    Director told me that I had only 22 days or a month to finish it… My expression was just: Gosh!!! iiisshhh!!! Let's do it!!!

    Well, I started to think in a very clever concept and always thinking in speed and also simplicity because the deadline was really close!

    They just gave me the title of the TV segment with many words to keep in mind!
    I created a first interesting concept but they denied it! So I had to start again with a week less of work!

    This has been one of the most challenging projects I have had, I learned a lot in every area of my professional carrier but, I am really happy with the final result I got although this was not what I wanted, but still I think is a great project!

     Hope you enjoy it.
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