• Empower
    Tamkeen Annual Report
  • While at Gulf Marcom, one of their bigger clients, Tamkeen, approached us with an unusual and brave request for their up and coming annual report. They wanted a fresh and funky look, kind of magazine style, to relate to their main target audience - potential young entrepreneurs. We came up with the name Empower and developed a series of engaging spreads to make the content more appealing and fun to read.
    More about Tamkeen at www.lf.bh/en/
  • Photos by Pavle Taboroši
  • Client / Tamkeen
    Agency / Gulf Marcom
    CD / Dean Massey
    AD&D / Filip Nemet
    Eng CW / Dipika Chawla
    Arab CW / Awad Idris
    Artworker / Abbas Hassan
    Production mngr / Macwan Sharad
    CS / Murtaza Saif