EMPORIUM Chair | Limited Edition Collection

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  • Entirely self-taught, Marco Costa finds inspiration in the Surrealist movement. Beyond the
    furniture and its primary function, our head designer pushes the object to new levels and
    blurs the boundaries.
    He has conceived this exclusive piece by questioning the notion of space, experimenting with
    material, and playing with color. Emporium is a chair made in aluminum with a particular
    detail: it only has three legs!
  • A sense of fun and frivolity pervades this chair, but this exclusive piece also manages to be
    sophisticated, thought provoking and (above all) finely handcrafted.
    Perhaps Marco dares to create a design piece so eloquently because the focus of his approach
    is to explore the fragility of our humanity by revealing the beauty in imperfection. Marco felt
    it was about time to design a piece that made justice to the weakness that humankind is experiencing
    An example of utmost level of both skill and imagination combined to create an exceptionally
    unique object that will stand out in any room. Emporium is also available in two different
    versions: finished in gold plated or copper plated.