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Employee Management System Video
This video was created for the Human Resource Department at BinLaden Group to demonstrate their new Employee Management System. We’ve added all the software’s functionality, but with a futuristic touch to it. It took a lot of hard hours of VFX works to be completed as to the tight schedule.
We had to begin with pre-planning each shot and it's technicalities and create a detailed technical shot list. In addition to VFX Supervision on set during the shoot.
Overall, we had over 34 VFX shots on this project. That included a series of treatments, including stabalizing, camera tracking, cleaning, rotoscoping, matte painting, motion graphics and color correction.
The team at Bin Laden Group were extremely happy with the shoot and results, that they requested a Behind the Scenes video for them to play during an internal meeting, for fun :)
Post Production Manager :
Majid Al-Aydeross
Motion Graphics Artists :
Majid Al-Aydeross
Ahmad Ebrahim Al-Saggaf
Ahmad Thabit
Abobakr Alshebli

Rotoscoping Artists :
Ahmad Thabit
Khalid Al-Aydeross
Ahmad Ebrahim Al-Saggaf
Abobakr Alshebli
Bassam Radi

Director :
Ahmad Ebrahim Al-Saggaf

Voiceover :
Ali Halabi

Abdullah Balfaqih

Assistant :
Abdulkader Alsaggaf
Grip :
Samer Abou Hanna

Lighting :
Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad
Short version / Highlights from the documentary