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Project Interaction Design Minor
When language gets written down, a lot of communication aspects get lost.
That’s especially true for writing on computers.

Collaborating with Florian Raphael Panzer, I wanted to know if it’s possible to
bring back some of these aspects to computer typography, and even try to add new ones.
As a starting point for our research we used a normal keyboard as the instrument of writing,
and modified it so that it could collect more data than just the pressed letters.

We modified the keyboard by inserting two strips of pressure sensors
and connecting them to a set of Arduino hardware which would read out
the data the sorsors wee offering/ the pressure applied while typing.

In Processing we coded our own interface and writing programme
in which the collected data was applied to change the letterforms.

This project is still work in progress.

Reaching the limits of our coding skills and the limits of the graphic card
we applied the size of the letters and the spacing between words 
to the intensity and the speed with which the keys are pressed.
If pressed hard and slow the letters grow big and stand far away from each other.

This in itself already calls a reaction again.
As people want to find out how big the letters can get they start hammering at the keyboard and showing almost aggressive behaviour.